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Since 2004, Polyphenols Biotech has served as one of three ISVV's technology transfer units. Managed by ADERA, Polyphenols Biotech provides support for R&D programs for SME and major groups from the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, agricultural and health-nutrition sectors.

Providing an interface between academic research and industry, Polyphenols Biotech allows companies to:
  • access state-of-the-art research
  • make use of our specialized knowledge in the chemistry and biology of polyphenols
  • develop new uses for polyphenols (product development)

To carry out the entrusted services, a team of highly qualified and experienced research scientists in Natural Products Chemistry and Biotechnology manage the R&D programs under strict confidentiality, utilizing the scientific infrastructure of GESVAB, housed in the brand new ISVV facility. Our expertise and currently established research facilities enable rapid and efficient results for our customers.

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