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fruits rouge


  • Consulting work for product development, including facilitation with publications and patents
  • Supply high-quality, reproducible, polyphenol-enriched plant extracts
  • Provide a wide-range of plant-derived polyphenolic standards
  • Biological and chemical characterization of crude plant extracts
  • Individual and total polyphenol quantification using spectrophotometric (Folin, Bate-Smith, Porter, Eur. Pharm.,BL-DMAC) and chromatographic techniques such as HPLC (polyphenolic profiles)
  • Structure determination of biologically active compounds (MS, NMR)
  • Antioxidant activity measurements (ORAC, DPPH, TEAC and CAA)
  • Bioavailability studies (colon and skin bioavailability models)

Examples of our previous services:

- Stilbenoid quantification (resveratrol, piceid, viniferin) in wine products
- Proanthocyanidin and anthocyanin quantification in plant extracts
- Identification of polyphenols in plant extracts
- Production of a high polyphenolic containing plant extract for cosmetic use
- Food and plant extract antioxidant potential determination